How to Reduce Carbon Footprint & Maximize Energy Efficiency with a Concrete Slab Foundation

Did you know concrete is a major source of greenhouse gases? Peckham Architecture puts sustainability first in every phase of design and construction, from the ground up. This includes the composition and insulation of the concrete slab foundation for our deep green home headquarters.

To reduce the carbon footprint of this LEED Platinum green building, we used a concrete slab made with 28 percent fly ash (coal residue from power plants). We also paved our front porch and walkways with repurposed, locally made bricks from an old Columbia street.

Episode 2 of our Green Building Series explains the science of fly ash concrete.

The foundation is also where we took the first step toward net-positive energy. Proper insulation of thermal bridges, or areas where energy typically escapes, is vital to establish and maintain stable indoor temperatures. The concrete slab foundation, walls, doors, windows, ceiling and roof all act as thermal bridges. To reduce heat transfer, we installed extruded polystyrene foam insulation beneath the concrete slab foundation.

Episode 3 of our Green Building Series shows how concrete slab insulation can save energy and dramatically reduce long-term costs in a green building.

This green building technique is just one reason our eco house is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certified building!

Considering a custom home, remodel or construction project? Leave a legacy that benefits your pocketbook, the environment and future generations when you make it deep green.

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