Green Building Episode 6: How HRV and Mini Split Systems Save Energy

This short film is Episode 6 of Peckham Architecture’s 11-part documentary series on how to construct a green building for energy efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. This episode shows the installation of HRV (heat recovery ventilation) and mini split systems and explains how they contribute to energy conservation in a passive house.

Peckham Architecture’s LEED Platinum home headquarters is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certified building. Solar panels and super insulation make our eco house net-positive, which means that it produces more electricity than it consumes. LED lights, a tankless water heater and Energy Star appliances further improve our energy efficiency.

Our passive house has also been featured in the Columbia Business Times and Columbia Missourian.

To learn more or start your own green building project, contact us today. 1-hour consultation with Peckham Architecture includes project meeting notes, cost estimate and fee proposal for $250.

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