Columbia Missourian 1/15/17: Nick Peckham proves that sustainable living is attainable and cost-effective

Before he moved into his new house, Nick Peckham paid up to $200 a month for electricity.

After the first month in the new home, he owed nothing.

Instead, he earned a credit of almost $180 from Columbia Power & Light.

The home’s energy-efficient building design had given him a residence with absolutely no energy costs.

Peckham is the founder of Peckham Architecture, a company focused on sustainable design. In May, he moved into his “Deep Green House” with his wife, Diane.

The house, powered by solar energy, uses a variety of techniques to make it airtight, watertight and highly insulated.

“One of my goals when we built this house was to build the greenest building in the world,” Peckham said. “In other words, to produce more energy than we use, be ADA accessible and not have any volatile materials in the house.”