Passive House Insulation for Peak Energy Efficiency: SIPs

Peckham Architecture’s LEED Platinum home headquarters is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certified building. Our eco house is also net-positive energy, which means it produces more electricity than it consumes! We could not have achieved this level of energy efficiency without super insulation. In addition to insulating the concrete slab foundation, we used […]

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How to Reduce Carbon Footprint & Maximize Energy Efficiency with a Concrete Slab Foundation

Did you know concrete is a major source of greenhouse gases? Peckham Architecture puts sustainability first in every phase of design and construction, from the ground up. This includes the composition and insulation of the concrete slab foundation for our deep green home headquarters. To reduce the carbon footprint of this LEED Platinum green building, we used […]

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Living our Mission: Introducing Peckham Architecture’s Green Building Series

Peckham Architecture’s commitment to deep green design means we don’t just employ these techniques for our clients; we live them. Our LEED Platinum home headquarters in Columbia is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certified building, designed to be the greenest house on earth. This project has appeared in the Columbia Business Times and Columbia Missourian. In collaboration […]

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