Deep Green: Peckham Architecture’s Green Building Documentary

DEEP GREEN: Our Full-Length Green Building Documentary Peckham Architecture’s 30-minute documentary, Deep Green, captures the full construction process documented in our 11-part Green Building Series. Deep Green shares the green building materials and sustainable design techniques used in our LEED Platinum home headquarters in Columbia, Missouri. This project is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US […]

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Short Course Announcement—Emerald Triangle: Regional Sustainability in the Columbia Area

Nick Peckham Teaches Regional Sustainability for Osher In case you missed his summer course on tiny house design and small dwellings, join Peckham Architecture founder Nick Peckham this month to learn about sustainability in central Missouri. “Emerald Triangle: A Regional Approach to Sustainability” begins Thursday, January 24 at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute in Columbia. In […]

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Airtight Building Design: How our Passive House Aced the Blower Door Test

Airtight Building Design Keeps Drafts Out Chilly winter drafts make December the perfect time to talk about airtight building design and energy efficiency. Peckham Architecture’s LEED Platinum home headquarters is sealed and insulated to the point of being airtight. Episode 7 of our Green Building series shows the phenomenal results our passive house achieved in […]

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Green Buildings and the U.N. Report on Climate Change

Green Buildings and Climate Change By now, you’ve probably heard about the United Nations’ latest report on climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is calling for immediate and comprehensive reductions in global emissions to avert the climate disaster we will otherwise face in the next two decades. (Because climate science denial leads to […]

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Columbia’s Cat Café Goes Green

Peckham Architecture is thrilled to share our recent collaboration with Columbia native Ryan Kennedy and Papa’s Cat Café. Located at 14 South 2nd Street, Columbia’s first cat café is also a coffee shop and bakery serving organic and vegan options. Cat cafés are for people who want their kitty fix but can’t have a cat at […]

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Thermally Boring: Ductless Heating and Cooling

Columbia Missouri Green Building by Peckham Architecture

Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Peckham Architecture’s LEED Platinum home headquarters in Columbia, Missouri, uses ductless heating and cooling and HRV (heat recovery ventilation) to maintain clean, comfortable indoor air. These tools contribute to net-positive energy: Our green building produces more energy than it consumes. During the hottest May on record (2016), we earned a […]

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Tiny House Design: Summer Course on Green Building with Nick Peckham

Nick Peckham's Eco Schoolhouse in Columbia, Missouri

Summer Course Announcement: Tiny House Design and Small Dwellings with Nick Peckham Tiny house design offers eco-friendly solutions to housing shortages and alternative spaces for your home, office, art studio, yoga studio, popup shop or retail store. Thursdays in June, join Peckham Architecture founder Nick Peckham for a course on tiny house design and green […]

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Green Building Insulation: Liquid House Wrap and Blown In Cellulose

Liquid house wrap provides a seamless layer of protection to green building insulation.

Exhaustive green building insulation is critical for energy efficiency. That’s why we’ve dedicated three blog posts to insulation in our LEED Platinum home headquarters! You’ve already seen how we insulated the concrete slab foundation and used locally sourced structural insulated panels. Today, we’re revealing two new layers of green building insulation. Exterior Liquid House Wrap Most residential […]

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