At Peckham Architecture, our sole focus is providing the highest level of customer service with the highest standards of sustainability. The key ingredient here is you, our client. When you meet founder Nick Peckham, you’re almost certain to hear him say:

“I will design for you what you would design for yourself if you had been an architect as long as I have.”

We envision design as an interaction between environment and inhabitant. Deep green architecture makes this universally beneficial. Peckham Architecture’s client-focused, full-service design process guides you through every step in creating a deep green environment to live, work or play.

Here’s what you can expect:


Peckham Architecture offers a FREE 1-hour consultation, after which point our services are available for an hourly fee. This billing structure applies for consulting services when the scope of work is undefined, as well as basic architecture projects. Other projects use a fixed fee, which runs between 8 and 15 percent of construction cost.

Plan ahead to use our hour-long consultation however you like—request a tour of Peckham Architecture’s Deep Green Headquarters, share questions and concerns, or just talk with Nick about your ideas. We’re happy to help, and we appreciate our clients’ willingness to pay for services rendered beyond the consultation period.

For prospective clients and projects still in the concept phase, we also offer a flat-fee, no-commitment Project Options Report.


First, we’ll work together to establish the goals and scope of your project. Once we’ve agreed on a floor plan, we’ll create a 3-D rendering for your approval. This allows you to visualize the interior and exterior spaces from all angles, including the light conditions at different times of day or year.


Next, we’ll create detailed construction documents and specifications for your approval. After your general contractor or construction manager bids the project, we’ll finalize the total cost and prepare a construction contract. During construction, we’ll monitor progress and evaluate applications for payment, seeing your project through to the last detail.


Within your first year of occupancy, we’ll return to conduct warranty evaluations. For some projects, we also plan for Post Occupancy Evaluations, a standardized way to gather data on your building’s performance.

Contact us today to book your FREE, no-risk consultation.