Green Building Episode 11: How to Install Solar Panels on a Standing Seam Metal Roof

This short film is the final episode in Peckham Architecture’s 11-part documentary series on how to construct a green building for energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprint. This episode shows the completion of Peckham Architecture’s LEED Certified home headquarters and the installation of solar panels on our standing seam metal roof.

Thanks to our photovoltaic system, super insulation, LED lighting, ERV (energy recovery ventilation), an instant hot water heater and Energy Star appliances, this green building is net-positive, which means it produces more energy than it consumes. During May 2016—our first month of occupancy and the warmest May on record—our building produced so much electricity that we received a $179 credit on our bill.

This project is Missouri’s first Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) Certified building. It has also been featured in the Columbia Business Times and Columbia Missourian.

To get ideas or start your own green building project, contact us today. 1-hour consultation with Peckham Architecture includes project meeting notes, cost estimate and fee proposal for $250.

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