Here’s what clients and colleagues have to say about Peckham Architecture:

We had no idea about what it took to turn our vacation cabin into a home when we called Nick. He was at the Chicago airport when we called. He always answered our calls. We were novices but he guided us to the home we imagined. He worked with us and didn’t tell us what to do. We are very happy with the results. Our beautiful site was preserved and the house is very comfortable and beautiful. “I’m a green architect” were his first words to us, and he lived up to his introduction.

—Dave and Chris Rechtien/Glaser

Peckham Architecture guided us through the process of effectively designing two LEED certified homes. We were very happy with the professionalism throughout and the personal approach. I would definitely recommend them for custom design of residential dwellings.

—Jim Krogman

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Nick was great in terms of customer service. Easy to get ahold of—we would talk at all hours of the day about big things and little things. And he was always flexible to work with whatever ideas and needs we had.

I have this huge refrigerator with a worktop on it. I got it at an auction, and we all worried about getting it into the space. Nick cut out a to-scale post-it note and moved it over the plans to make sure it would fit. If we hadn’t used that post-it note, I don’t think we would have had the confidence to make it in—it made it by the skin of our teeth!

Working with Nick has been a lot of fun. I could tell he wanted to be a part of Papa’s Cat Café, because it’s such a strange idea. Every time we talked to him, he was just all smiles. He would practically giggle whenever we talked about the concept.

—Ryan Kennedy, Papa’s Cat Café

I am a home builder that had the opportunity to work with Nick on a LEED certified home that I am building in Old Hawthorne. He is an expert in LEED and energy efficient green homes. It was a pleasure working with him and going through the pros and cons of some of the latest green building techniques. He is a wealth of knowledge.

—Spillman Contracting


Nick Peckham of Peckham Architecture is passionate about Green Design and building! He would like for ALL buildings to be net zero to reduce our carbon foot print. He stays on top of the contractor(s) about time lines and budgets, documenting the building progress. Great resource for energy efficient modern building.

Thanks, Nick.

—J&C Construction and Remodeling, LLC

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