Deep Green Architecture

Our mission is to design beautiful, sustainable environments of lasting value.

Many of the world’s problems stem from human failures. At Peckham Architecture, we feel a personal responsibility to help design a world where everyone succeeds. Our part of the solution is deep green architectural design, planning and historic preservation.

Buildings produce about a third of greenhouse gas emissions and consume 40 percent of global energy. The United Nations reports that changing the way we build is the single most cost-effective way to substantially cut emissions.

Peckham Architecture designs buildings as energy efficient as science allows. Rather than drawing endlessly from the planet’s limited resources, we save water, use recycled content and eliminate hazardous materials. Deep green architecture meets the aesthetic and functional requirements of traditional design using materials and technologies that benefit the environment, your health and your pocketbook.

Net-positive energy sets us apart: Peckham Architecture’s deep green buildings produce more energy than they consume.

We achieve net-positive energy using a holistic approach that includes a few essential steps:

  • Properly insulating thermal bridges, or areas where energy typically escapes: slab/foundation, walls, doors, windows, ceiling and roof
  • Auditing buildings for airtightness and detecting air leaks—energy waste—using an infrared camera and a Blower Door Test

Sound expensive? A well-conceived deep green project can be far less costly and more functional than one that is not. 1-hour consultation with Peckham Architecture includes project meeting notes, cost estimate and fee proposal for $250.

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